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Sealing solutions

RS sealing
RS OMD sealing
RS PPS sealing
RS seal is around seal for single cable or pipe entries in metal sleeves or core drilled holes. The split construction makes it easy to install around existing cables or pipes.
RS OMD is a round seal with multi-diameter on the inside and outside. As a result it handles variations both for cables/pipes inside the seal and for the fit on the outside to the pipe sleeve or the hole .
PPS seal has been developed for plastic pipes passing through pressurized and fire rated areas. A sealing strip between two Roxtec seals expands when the plastic pipe burns through, and fills the void to stop any fire from passing.
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R X, RS X sealing
C RS T sealing
RG M63 sealing
RX and RSX kits consist of a round penetration and sleeve solution attached to the construction through expansion when welding is not allowed or desired. The sleeve opening can be fitted with an R frame or an RS seal.
C RS T is a kit-solution designed for single cable entries into enclosures. The sealing kit contains a compact version of the RS seal and a threaded sleeve - Fast installation and possibility to route pre-terminated cables.
RG M63 has a compact design, suited for cramped areas. It is delivered as a kit-solution and is available in three different module configurations. It can seal from 1 to 9 cables with diameters from 3.5 to 32.5 mm.